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Each year approximately 3 million sofas are tossed into landfills. That number doesn’t even include all of the other home goods that are simply thrown away. Instead of throwing away perfectly good items, let somebody else give your furnishings a second life by consigning them.

It’s New To Me Loves Being Environmentally Savvy!

1. The consignment period is 90 days. Items not picked up or sold during the consignment period will be donated to charity, where they are greatly appreciated.

2. Pricing of consignment items will be set by It’s New To Me based on condition and desirability, as well as, additional information by the consignor with regard to age, origin, etc.

3. The price the items will be sold for will be split 50/50 between It’s New To Me and the consignor.

4. Items are accepted for sale at the risk of the consignor and NOT insured by It’s New To Me or its owner.

5. All sales are final.

6. Pick up and delivery is available. Please contact us for delivery pricing.